Getting Around Raleigh

Bus System
In the Raleigh, North Carolina area, one of the best ways to get around is via the bus. They have a great bus system known as Capital Area Transit. With Capital Area Transit, you can on a number of different buses that go all over the city and the surrounding area. In addition to the regular buses, you can also get on the R Line bus that transports people to the downtown area. One of these buses comes to its stop around every 10 minutes, so it is easy to find a bus to take you to where the action is.

Another good way to get around the city is with a taxi. One of the nice things about getting a taxi in Raleigh is that you do not have to wait on a specific scheduled bus to arrive or go to a certain bus stop. You can get a taxi to come where you are, and drop you off anywhere inside the city. This makes it a lot more convenient than having to wait at a bus stop or walk from a specific drop-off point.

Car Services
An alternative to getting a taxi is a car service. With a car service, you can get picked up by a driver and taken anywhere you need to go. The cars and the services provided are a little bit better than what you can expect from a taxi. You will probably have to pay a little bit more for a car service, but it can provide you with some extra perks.

Become one of the unique features of Raleigh is the trolley system. The city offers free trolley rides for anyone who wants to take one. The trolley system only runs during the evening, on Thursday through Saturday. This makes it an ideal option for enjoying a night out in the downtown area. It really gives you a glimpse of old-world transportation, while taking in the beauty of the city at the same time.

If you are visiting Raleigh, one of the more unique ways to get around is on a segway. Many travelers rent segways as a way to travel around the city instead of walking. They are very comfortable to ride on, and they can go faster than what you would go while walking. These are great if you plan on checking out some of the sites near downtown.